What might a new beginning look like when we are at the end?

27.01. (Premiere) – 30.01.2022
Theatre-Discounter, Berlin

What might a new beginning look like when we are at the end? Choreographer Janne Gregor explores the limits of strength, makes her ensemble sweat and listens to the silence after the storm.

The ensemble of the dance piece consists of professionals for exhaustion: the boxer Charlotte Noack, the Krump world champion Yara Atrisha Traore and the contemporary dancer Tamar Grosz know the joy of exhaustion – and know about the potential hidden in it. Spurred on by musician and beatbox runner-up Daniel Mandolini, they drive themselves into ecstasy against all odds, feel and show the power of their bodies and then pause in the emptiness that comes after breathlessness. Is it necessary to fill emptiness?

In dialogue with the movement, actress Veronika Nowag-Jones comments on and counteracts the action with her own life experience. Exhaustion is explored on this evening not as a standstill and end point, but as the start of something new.

By and with Yara Atrisha Traore, Charlotte Noack, Tamar Grosz, Veronika Nowag-Jones
Concept/Chorography Janne Gregor
Live music Daniel “Mando” Mandolini
Dramatic accompaniment Heike Albrecht
Stage/costume Johanna Schraut
Lighting design Annegret Schalke
Production management Sina Kießling
PR Nora Gores
Production Janne Gregor and TD Berlin
Supported by Hauptstadtkulturfonds